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History of Christian Apostolic Church, Clarksburg, WV

CAC's first location of services, in Northview

First location of services. The Feathers bought the old Methodist church building at 1336 North 19th Street in Clarksburg’s North View neighborhood.

CAC's second location, between Northview & Arlington

Second (and current) location. Sign: “Future Home of Christian Apostolic Church – Full Gospel – We Shall Glorify the Name of God.”


Construction on second (and current) location on N. 20th St between Clarksburg’s North View neighborhood and an adjacent town called Arlington.


Construction on second (and current) location on N. 20th St between North View  and Arlington.


Construction progresses on second (and current) location on N. 20th St between Clarksburg’s North View neighborhood and an adjacent town called Arlington.

Parade march to new building, Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978

Glorious day! Grand parade from old building to new, for the first service. From right to left: Sis. Patty Stewart, Sis. Paulette Farrell & daughter Kelly.

CAC's first service in new building, Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978

Taken at first service in the new facility. The building was not yet fully completed. Later, the first “official” service was in May 1978, when CAC hosted WV District Spring Conference.

CAC's new facility at the time of its completion

CAC’s new facility at the time of its completion. Image scanned from 22-page keepsake booklet compiled by Sister Laquetta (Pride) Haddix.

CAC's current facility today

CAC’s current facility today. CAC has now purchased property on I-79, and is preparing to build its third location. Online donations (one-time, or recurring) to the building fund may be set up at dwolla.com/hub/cac. All donations are tax deductible, as CAC has status with the IRS as a 501(c)(3). May God richly bless you for investing into this work in His kingdom!

Christian Apostolic Church of Clarksburg, WV is, and always has been, affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International. The UPCI has been among the fastest growing denominations in North America. It is one of the largest Oneness Pentecostal church organizations in existence.

We thank God for Christian Apostolic Church’s godly heritage. Rev. and Mrs. William “Bill” G. Feathers moved to Clarksburg, West Virginia in April, 1971 for the express purpose of establishing a new church as a home mission work (i.e. domestic mission work) of the United Pentecostal Church International, with which he was affiliated and ordained.

Previously another UPCI minister, Brother Curtis Stallard, had labored to establish a UPCI presence in Clarksburg. He was no stranger to West Virginia’s great Pentecostal heritage. (More information about him is available elsewhere in this book.) Brother Stallard had since felt called of the Lord to a different field of labor. Before his departure, he sold a building they had been using for church services, and donated the proceeds from the sale to the Feathers, to assist them in getting another church started. The goal of both was the same: to have an Apostolic, one-God, Jesus-name, tongue-talking, Holy Ghost-filled, United Pentecostal Church in Clarksburg, WV.

Soon after their arrival, the Feathers purchased the old Methodist church building at 1336 North 19th Street in Clarksburg’s North View neighborhood. They spent about six weeks laboring to completely remodel the interior of the building, adding Sunday school rooms, a restroom, and a baptistery. A few precious founding members helped them, including a young preacher by the name of Charles Hoskins, who is still serving as an Elder of CAC at this present time. It was not easy, but they had a mind to work, and thus, the humble beginnings of Christian Apostolic Church became a reality. The redone building was soon opened for services, and excitement and momentum were tangible.

The first service took place on Sunday, May 23, 1971, with 21 persons in attendance. God anointed the work powerfully, and soon many souls were added to the church. Pastor Feathers was a great preacher who was determined to pioneer a church in Clarksburg for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a single-minded soulwinner who knocked doors tirelessly and taught many Bible studies in living rooms and kitchens or anywhere someone would listen. He won many souls to God, and his ministry produced a steady stream of stalwart disciples who were also soulwinners.

Soon the lively, young congregation outgrew the little church building. Under Pastor and Sister Feathers’ anointed and energetic leadership, the church purchased property to the northward, just outside the Clarksburg city limits, and there they began construction of a great, new facility, while continuing to worship in the previous little church with standing room only. According to a newspaper article clipped from the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram, dated Sunday, March 24, 1974 (three years into the work), the church’s record attendance up to that point was 186, and two Sunday school bus routes had been established.

(These things were accomplished while CAC was still meeting at the original location on 19th Street.) The Sunday of the article’s appearance was set aside as a “Pastor Appreciation Service”, with special guest Pastor Roy J. Riffle from Friendsville, Maryland, along with his wife Reba, and their daughters Pam and Sheryl.

New Building Completed!
Parade March to new location:
Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978 

On Easter Sunday, March 26, 1978 the seven-year-old congregation held their first service in the new facility, even though it was not totally completed yet. On that glorious day, there was a triumphant march from the former building to their new location, on North 20th Street, beyond North View and at the entrance to Arlington. By May of 1978, after much hard work, the wonderful, new building was completed, and CAC hosted the WV District Spring Conference in their new facility. What a triumphant day! We still enjoy the same location to this day.

Pastor Feathers’ mother and step-father, known affectionately to all as Sister “Nan” Rogers and Brother “Pap” Rogers, contributed so much toward the new facility and were so well loved that CAC’s current Fellowship Hall bears their name in memorial. The wonderful time period of the construction and completion of the new building was documented in a 22-page keepsake booklet compiled by Sister Laquetta Haddix (then Laquetta Joy Pride). Some printed copies of the booklet survive to this day.

Pastor Feathers had a gift for winning and influencing men. Any church that can do well at winning men will be a strong church, because men tend to lead their wife and children with them into the church. This was the case under Pastor Feathers. In his ministry, men genuinely wanted to be like their leader; they sincerely wanted to be dedicated to God and be used by the Lord. Many were also called by the Lord to preach, and some became pastors, as well. From CAC, the Lord called and sent out several preachers who founded churches in nearby areas, including some that are still in operation to this day, such as Calvary Apostolic Church (Pastor David Harris Sr) in Grafton, WV, and Midway Apostolic Church (Pastor George C. Cross) in Philippi, WV.

Likewise, Sister Beverly Feathers was (and still is) a great role model and motivator for women. As a godly, beautiful, Christian lady of integrity, her tenure of service at CAC modeled the kind of life that made other women want to emulate her. As a wife, mother, and founding first lady, her holy example caused other women to want to become a godly lady like she was. After Pastor Feathers was taken to his eternal reward in 1992, she continued to set a wonderful example in the great work she did as Executive Assistant at Riverside Apostolic Church in Morgantown, WV, and later at the headquarters of the United Pentecostal Church International, in St. Louis, MO, where she helped Sister Thetus Tenney to launch and facilitate the UPCI’s fledgling World Network Of Prayer. She later returned to West Virginia to resume her work at Riverside Apostolic Church. All those whose lives have been touched by Brother and Sister Feathers owe a dept of gratitude to this tremendous couple.

Under the church’s fourth pastor, Brother Doug Joseph, the mortgage was paid off, and a great celebration was held in March of 2008. Today, Christian Apostolic Church is alive and well. Souls are being added to the church daily, and faithful disciples are continuing to grow in faith and wisdom.

Addendum: New property was purchased in 2011 and paid off in 2013, and the church is in the midst of planning and preparations to build a new facility just south of town, which will be visible from I-79. This process has been a clear vision and strong burden of Pastor Doug Joseph, due to the size limitations of the current property, especially regarding the size of the parking lot.

CAC’s Pastoral Succession / Tenure of Pastors

Bill & Bev Feathers, Founding Pastor & First Lady

CAC’s founding pastor & first lady: Rev. and Mrs. William “Bill” & Beverly Feathers

Leonard & Nancy Plowman, second pastor & first lady

CAC’s second pastor & first lady: Rev. and Mrs. Leonard and Nancy Plowman

Terry and Karen Null, third pastor & first lady

CAC’s third pastor & first lady: Rev. and Mrs. Terry and Karen Null

Doug and LaDonna Joseph, fourth pastor & first lady

Fourth & current pastor & first lady: Rev. and Mrs. Doug and LaDonna Joseph

Pastor Bill Feathers served CAC until his death in 1992 (1971-1992). After he passed on, CAC was led for about three years by Pastor Leonard Plowman (1992-1995). Then CAC was blessed by the leadership of Pastor Terry Null for about seven years (1995-2002). At the time of this publishing, CAC’s current leader, Pastor Doug Joseph, is in his tenth year of service (2002-present). To this day, both of the living, former pastors and our founding first lady occasionally come back to CAC to minister, and the church body is blessed to maintain ties with them. All of CAC’s pastors and first ladies have been phenomenal men and women of God. We are ever more thankful for our godly heritage here at CAC.

Miscellaneous Information

Being that Christian Apostolic Church is located fairly centrally within the State of West Virginia, over the years the church has served as host to quite a few WV District UPCI events and other statewide events, including having hosted an annual men’s conference for several years. The church’s pulpit has been graced by many outstanding preachers over the years, both from within West Virginia and beyond, including Pastor Jeff Arnold (a well known conference speaker from Gainesville, Florida), Rev. T.F. Tenney (a noted author & conference speaker, and former general youth president of the UPCI, and former general director of the UPCI’s Foreign Missions Division, and former superintendent of the Louisiana District of the UPCI), and of course, West Virginia’s own Rev. Billy Cole (a genuine apostle and prophet who was renowned among Apostolic Pentecostals all around the word). It just so happened that Brother Cole was the pastor of CAC’s current pastor and first lady, Doug and LaDonna Joseph. Brother and Sister Joseph edited (2004-2007) & published (2007) the exciting and adventurous memoirs of Brother Billy Cole and Sister Shirley Cole. That book, The Life and Ministry of Billy and Shirley Cole, is a great reference on the godly heritage of the WV District of the UPCI and of the UPC in general. It is available for purchase from www.amazon.com and www.billycolebook.com.

Brief Biography of (and Memorial to) CAC’s Founding Pastor

Rev. Bill Feathers, Founding Pastor Sis Bev Feathers, Founding First Lady
William Guy Feathers
Born:  Wednesday, October 18, 1939
Water Baptized:  1951
Spirit Baptized:  1951 at youth camp at the UPCI campground at Buckeye Lake, Ohio
Married:  Sunday, October 23, 1960, at Sabraton Apostolic Church, Morgantown, WV, by Pastor H. I. Goodin
Parents:  Victor Guy Feathers and Helen R. Hoskins Feathers Rogers
Education:  Graduate 1957, Morgantown High School, Morgantown, WV; Graduate with Honors 1960, Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, MN
Died:  Thursday, September 03, 1992
Beverly Lola Feathers (formerly Hall)
Born:  Wednesday, February 20, 1941
Water Baptized:  1947
Spirit Baptized:  1950
Married:  Sunday, October 23, 1960, at Sabraton Apostolic Church, Morgantown, WV, by Pastor H. I. Goodin
Parents:  Ira B. Hall and Stella Smith Hall
Education:  Graduate 1958, Afton High School, St. Louis County, MO; also attended Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, MN 1958-1960.

William “Bill” Guy Feathers was born October 18, 1939. During the summer of 1951, when he was 11 years old, he received the Holy Ghost while attending a district-wide youth camp at the UPCI campground at Buckeye Lake, Ohio. He graduated with honors from Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, MN, in 1960. He was married on October 23, 1960 to the former Beverly Hall, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ira Hall of St. Louis, Missouri. At that time Brother Feathers was 21 years of age, and Sister Feathers was 19 years of age. (She was born on February, 20, 1941.) Brother and Sister Feathers pastored in Sang Run, Maryland and then also assisted full-time in Parkersburg, West Virginia. They afterward evangelized for about a year. Then, when Brother Feathers was 31 years of age and Sister Feathers was 30 years old, they founded the Christian Apostolic Church in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He faithfully served that assembly until his passing, twenty-one years later. Brother Feathers’ homegoing celebration was attended by many people, including many preachers and UPCI officials.

Brief Biography of CAC’s Current Pastor

Rev. Doug Joseph, Current Pastor Sis. LaDonna Joseph, Current First Lady
Douglas Gavin Joseph
Born:  Saturday, December 24, 1967
Water Baptized:  Wednesday, October 18, 1984 at Sunset Acres United Pentecostal Church, Shreveport, LA
Spirit Baptized:  Wednesday, October 18, 1984 at Sunset Acres United Pentecostal Church, Shreveport, LA
Married:  Friday, December 17, 1988, at North Charleston Apostolic Church, by Pastor William H. Cole
Parents:  Sam A Joseph and Jeannette Joseph (formerly Jeannette Corbitt)
Education:  Graduate 1985, Caddo Parrish Magnet High School, Shreveport, LA, and Certificate of Evangelism 1994, Kent Christian College, Dover, DE. Currently a Bible college instructor at Purpose Institute.
LaDonna Jean (Mullins) Joseph
Born:  Tuesday, June 26, 1968
Water Baptized:  Friday, March 11, 1978 at Apostolic Faith Church, Stollings (Logan), WV – Pastor Kelley Lowery
Spirit Baptized:  Saturday, April 2, 1978 at Apostolic Faith Church, Stollings (Logan), WV – Pastor Kelley Lowery
Married:  Friday, December 17, 1988, at North Charleston Apostolic Church, by Pastor William H. Cole
Parents:  Larry Dale Mullins and Donyia Mullins (formerly Donyia Beckett)
Education:  Graduate 1986, Chapmanville High School, Chapmanville, WV, and Certificate of Evangelism 1994, Kent Christian College, Dover, DE. Currently enrolled in Purpose Institute.

Douglas G. Joseph and LaDonna J. Mullins were married on December 17, 1988 in Charleston, WV. The Josephs have four great kids. Rev. Joseph is an ordained minister (since May 2004) in the United Pentecostal Church International, and pastor (since November 2002) of Christian Apostolic Church. He served as secretary-treasurer the WV Home Missions Dept. from 2004-2012. He has served as district director of North American Missions / WV Missions (formerly WV Home Missions Dept) from 2012 to the present. In 2004, the Josephs led CAC to establish Apostolic Christian Academy (K-12 Christian school). Previously, he was creative director for the General Home Missions Division, at the UPCI’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO. There he was mentored by Rev. Jack Cunningham, director of Home Missions, as part of Brother Cunningham’s first Barnabas Group. While there, Rev. Joseph was editor of the North American Challenge magazine, helped launch the UPCI’s national Men’s Ministry, and was editor for the Apostolic Man magazine. He also oversaw the creation of Ready To Be Free, a sweeping evangelism thrust. Before that, the Josephs served on the ministry team of North Charleston Apostolic Church (WV), blessed by the leadership of Pastor Billy & Shirley Cole. During their time at NCAC, Brother and Sister Joseph both earned Certificates of Evangelism from Kent Christian College in Dover, DE. Sister LaDonna Joseph is a great wife and mom. She serves as principal of ACA, as CAC’s general secretary, and CAC’s music director. She has served the WV UPCI’s Ladies Ministry as a sectional director, and she has been the pianist for WV’s All-State Choir. The Josephs edited/published the Coles’ memoirs (available at www.BillyColeBook.com). Sister Joseph is a native of West Virginia. Pastor Joseph grew up in Shreveport, LA, but he is now an adopted, honorary West Virginian.

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